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Employees Appraisal: Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know.

Employees Appraisal:

Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know.

Employees Appraisal: Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know. This book is vitally important because performance activities is become one of the main task for officer or manager in every organization whether private or public and in whatever scale they are. It is clear that performance appraisal become one of the most and ultimate task in organization. Without any doubt, officer, manager, policy maker, and human resource practitioners in organization will face and perform this crucial task. If the appraisal process was undertaken in an improper manner, this will create errors and can affect other aspect in organization. This book offers a holistic understanding of the skill, knowledge, experience, tips and competencies on how to perform this important and crucial task effectively.

Dr Rusli bin Haji Ahmad specialized in the field of Human Resource Management. He is currently Deputy Dean for Academic Development and Student Affairs, Faculty of Cognitive Sciences and Human Development, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak and as the academic members of Human Resource Department. Prior to this, he was lecturing at the Teacher Training College (1991-1998) and was a secondary school teacher (1988-1991).

He obtained B.A (Hons) in Anthropology and Sociology (1987) and Diploma of Education from Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (1988), Master of Management from Universiti Putra Malaysia (1995), Diploma in Research Methodology (2001) and Ph.D in Human Resource Management from University of Bradford, United Kingdom (2003). He currently teaches Design and Management of Training Program, Peformance Appraisal, Performance Management, Cognitive Modeling and Decision Making and Research Methodology for undergraduates and graduate students. He also involved in supervision of final year student and also involved as supervisor and examiners for a master and doctor of philosophy student. He was the recipient of Best Paper Research Award for Track III, National Human Resource Development Conference, Kuching, Sarawak (2004) and Middle East Quality Association First Scientific Congress held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2007. He also participated extensively in research activities and involved also at national and international level. His research focus is in the area of performance appraisal, performance management, training and development and the issue of cognitive processing system in decision making process/activities.

Employees Appraisal: Everything You Have Always Wanted to Know.


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